Most Common Home Repairs You Can DIY

Our house is the most expensive investment we are all going to have. Whether we rent it or buy it, there are many components in a house that we need to maintain so it stays in its good working condition. There are home repair projects that you can do by yourself. According to handyman service repair PP, most of these repairs don’t require experience, you just need some few tools that you might already have at your home. These repairs are as listed as follows.  

  1. Fixing a Broken Toilet 

You don’t have to call a plumber right away if you noticed that there’s something wrong with the toilet. A broken toilet is not difficult to fix, you just an adjustable wrench and a broken toilet kit. If it’s not flushing, you can fix it by pressing the lever. But it this doesn’t work, you can open the tank and re-attach the chain. In some cases, even though you do the things I mentioned, the handle might be corroded and can break if you touch them. That’s why you need to prepare a toilet level kit.  

  1. Unclogging a Toilet 

This is one of the easiest repairs we can do. You might think that it’s difficult, but if you watch videos of people doing it, you will try that it’s super easy and cheap than hiring a plumber right away. You just need a toilet plunger and auger, tools that you might already have or can be bought easily at a store. The first thing you can do, is unclogging the toilet using the plunger.  

Pour water on the bowl and submerge the plunger’s head. Thrust the plunger for about 8 or 10 times. After this, the toilet is free of minor clogs and the water can move freely. But if this solution doesn’t help, it’s time to use the auger. Auger can deal with major clogs that a plunger can’t.  

  1. Fix a Leaky Pipe 

I think almost all homes are victims of leaking pipes, may that be on the bathroom or the kitchen. Such leaks involve a broken or loose compression or a worn out washer. Fixing such leaks is also easy. First, turn of the water. Next, place a bucket under the pipe and twist off the compression nuts. Rinse the curved pipe and replace the washer. Screw it back in. You can finally turn the water back on. You only need a bucket and replacement washer of P-trap for this.  

  1. Clearing a Jammed Garbage Disposal 

Not everyone is willing to clean up a clogged garbage disposal. It looks like an intimidating machine because of its noises and hidden blades. But in reality, it’s pretty easy to fix. First, cut down the power. Use an allen wrench to adjust the disposal’s flywheel. Use some pliers or wooden down to reach into the top and remove the clogs. Once you’re done with this, you can reconnect the power and test the machine to check if the clog is gone.  

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